I’m a developer and designer studying computer engineering at the University of Toronto. Right now I’m interning as a UX Developer at Shopify. In the past I’ve worked as a software developer at HXOUSE.

I also take on select freelance projects for local creatives and brands that most often are in the shape of a creative and well-designed portfolio and/or e-commerse website.

At University, I’m focused on the area of software and I’m pursuing certificates in artificial intelligence and communication. I also act a web designer for The Cannon (UofT Engineering School’s newspaper) and the University of Toronto Hyperloop team.

In the past, during high school, I cofounded Cipher, a non-profit organization with the goal of introducing programming to high school students through creating a community. We hosted one-day conferences, workshops, and hackathons.

I like to run, play Animal Crossing, watch great television (subjective), listen to music, and I'm deeply interested in health and fashion.